Why us?


  • SSRI is one of the pioneer companies in Japan to specialize solely on healthcare related market research, and currently works with all major pharmaceutical companies, multi-national and local
  • SSRI has been supporting oversea research agencies with healthcare market research in Japan since 1990 and China since 2003
  • SSRI is well-known within the industry worldwide as a reliable and knowledgeable market research company in Japan
  • SSRI CHINA is headed by a director of SSRI with experience of supporting oversea clients since 1999

Local knowledge

  • HIMA, which is a group company of SSRI, is based in Shanghai with a special focus on healthcare market research in China, and supports fielding projects for SSRI CHINA
  • The person in charge of HIMA has been conducting healthcare market research in China for both international and Chinese pharmaceutical firms and research agencies since 2002
  • SSRI CHINA and HIMA periodically attends the China Pharma Decision Science Summit and CphMRA Annual Meetings to stay updated on the recent trends in the Chinese healthcare market research area

Experience in China

  • We have experience in various disease areas;
    Allergy / immunology Hematology Orthopedic surgery
    Anesthesiology Hepatology Pediatrics
    Cardiology Infectious disease Psychiatry
    Dermatology Nephrology Pulmonology
    Emergency medicine Neurology Rheumatology
    Endocrinology/diabetes Ob/Gyn Surgery
    Gastroenterology Oncology Urology
    Geriatric medicine Ophthalmology Etc.
  • We have experience in interviewing various sample targets including hard to reach targets;
    Various physician specialties Patient/caregivers KOLs
    Nurses Distributors/retailers Payer advising KOLs
    Pharmacists Industry experts Payers
    Lab technicians Hospital administrators Etc.
  • We have experience in conducting various methodologies;
    Qualitative methods Quantitative methods
    In-depths interviews (in CL and in field) Face-to-face (PAPI)
    Focus groups/triads/duos Online survey
    Observation / ethnography Telephone interviews
    Hospital visits CATI / CAPI
    Creative workshops Patient diary / patient record forms

HCP Database and wide coverage

  • We have a database of over 81,000 healthcare professionals in China ranging in various specialties, and all respondents in this database are validated and are active.
    • Internal medicine: approx. 39,000 physicians
    • Surgery: approx. 13,000 surgeons
    • Other medical specialists: approx. 22,000 physicians
    • Other HCPs and administrators: approx. 7,000
  • We can cover all 31 regions in China through local partners, ranging from;
    • Tier 1 cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou)
    • Tier 2 cities (such as Harbin, Nanjing, Chengdu, and Wuhan)
    • And to tier 3 cities if necessary
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