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February: West to East

On January 29th, our headquarters in Japan moved from the west side of Shinjuku to the east side of Shinjuku.

Their new address is:


NMF Shinjuku East Bldg. 2F, 10-5  Tomihisacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0067 JAPAN

TEL 81-3-6709-9575 / FAX 81-3-5361-7051


December: 2018 China holiday calendar

We've added the Chinese holiday calendar for 2018.

Just click on the "Holiday Calendar" above.

The major holiday seasons that will have impact on fieldwork timings are;

  •    - Chinese new year = February 15-21
  •    - Qing Ming Festival = April 5-7
  •    - Labour Day holidays = April 29- May 1
  •    - National day holidays = October 1-7

December: Launch of PatientsMap 2017 JP

Our Japan HQ has launched an updated version of PatientsMap Japan.

PatientsMap is a database product which uncovers the types of diseases that various specialists see, and the monthly number of those patients. The data is collected from over 20,000 physicians covering approximately 400 diseases/conditions, and is utilized by over 50 companies in Japan.

In addition to the new PatientsMap Japan 2017 data, US data (2016 with n=5,000) and UK data (2015 with n=1,000) are also available.

Details are here (in English!):  Launch of PatientsMap 2017 JP

Wish we had this database for China...

December: Twitter and LinkedIn

We've created a company account in Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will periodically (hopefully...) post news and updates from China / SSRI CHINA.

December: Healthcare in China report (JP only)

SSRI and SSRI CHINA has released an updated version of the "Healthcare in China report". It is available for download, for free. Unfortunately, the report is only available in Japanese....

But if you have any questions about the Chinese healthcare market, please do  not hesitate to contact us.

March: New office!

We have moved to a new office in the Dalian Development Zone.

Room 909, No.152, Jinma Road, Dalian Development Zone, Dalian, 116600 China




February: (REPORT) Chinese doctors at their work

SSRI CHINA, in collaboration with Chunyu Yisheng, a China-based software and mobile healthcare app company, conducted a short online survey among Chunyu Yisheng registered doctors in 2016.

The survey was conducted to get a general idea about the Chinese doctor's practice including, number of days they work a week, daily work hours, patient loads, time spent on each patient and how satisfied they are with the current work situation (hours / days of work).

  • More than 1/4 of Chinese doctors work almost everyday
  • Almost 1/5 of Chinese doctors work more than 10 hours a day
  • Chinese doctors treat an average of 24.4 patients a day
  • Chinese doctors spend on average13.7 min. per outpatient
  • More than half of Chinese doctors are not satisfied with their current work situation

You can download the details here: Chinese doctors at their work – 2016

For any questions, please contact;


November: APRC/JMRA annual conference

Hitoshi, Kio and Ryusuke, along with many of our SSRI staffs in Japan attended the APRC (The Asia Pacific Research Committee) and JMRA (Japan Market Research Association) joint annual conference in Tokyo. We had a booth promoting our viewing facility in Japan (West5), and Ryusuke did a presentation with Mr. Greg Chu of InTask, Inc.

APRC/JMRA annual conference

October: CphMRA annual meeting

Jane, Kio, Hitoshi, and Levis attended the China Pharma Decision Science Summit and CphMRA Annual meeting 2016 in Beijing. We had a nice booth, and Jane did a presentation about our China COPD report. Good job Jane! ...but why is my collar sticking out... .
The details of our China COPD report can be found here; click here (PDF file)

CphMRA annual meetingCphMRA annual meetingCphMRA annual meeting
September: China’s COPD market research report – now available

SSRI CHINA and its headquarter Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. (SSRI) have recently completed a syndicated market research study on China’s COPD Market. This report provides extensive information from secondary research and primary research based on 200 COPD treaters, covering a range of topics from current diagnosis and treatment, current prescription and satisfaction, and future outlook on the market.

Some findings include:
  • Increasing number of patients, with physicians and the government authorities citing air pollution as a cause
  • The most commonly used product for COPD is ICS/LABA with 73% usage
  • Within the 17 pipeline products, awareness of Boehringer Ingelheim's olodaterol (Striverdi) is the highest with 52%
  • GSK has the highest sales rep visitation rate with 51%

For more details; click here (PDF file)

June: EphMRA conference

Jane, Kio and Hitoshi attended the EphMRA Annual Conference 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany with Ito from our Japan international market research operations team. Good turnout this year with many clients.

EphMRA conference(1)EphMRA conference(2)This photo; courtesy of GFK (Thank you!)

May: PBIGR conference

Jane and Hitoshi attended the PBIRG Annual general Meeting in Florida with staffs from our headquarters. According to their feedback, there were not many clients this year...

PBIGR conference


October: CMRA conference

Jane and Kio attended the CMRA conference in Beijing. We were one of the sponsors of the conference, and all delegates received our company introduction folder (of HIMA and SSRI CHINA).

August: Strengthening our pharmaceutical market research business in China

SSRI CHINA, a China subsidiary of Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. (SSRI) completes its investment in HIMA, a Shanghai-based pharmaceutical market research company.

Click here to see the full press research (PDF):

June: EphMRA

We've attended the EphMRA's Annual Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference in Amsterdam. Location was really good, and so was the venue. Hope we can go back to Amsterdam again!


Jane and Hitoshi attended the PBIRG Annual general Meeting in New Orleans with staffs from our SSRI headquarters. The position of our booth was not ideal…. but people loved our panda pen!!!

March: HIMA becomes an SSRI group company

SSRI welcomes HIMA as one of our group companies. HIMA is an independent healthcare market research agency based in Shanghai, China. HIMA is led by Levis Ye who has extensive experience and knowledge about the Chinese healthcare market and healthcare related market research with over 12 years of experience. HIMA has a database of over 81,000 healthcare professionals in China.


November: CphMRA

Kio and Levis (from HIMA – an SSRI group company) attend the 5th China Pharma Decision Science Summit and CphMRA 2014 Annual Meeting in Yangzhou.

May: REPORT – "Type 2 Diabetes Market in China" – now available

SSRI (Social Survey Research Information Co., LTD.) and SSRI CHINA releases its first China market report – "Type 2 Diabetes Market in China", which covers information such as current patient loads, treatments used and its satisfaction levels, awareness of pre-launched products, sales rep activity, information sources, and future forecast.

This report is based on the findings from an online survey conducted with 200 respondents (half specialists and half non-specialists), from tier 1 and tier 2 cities, practicing in tier 2 and tier 3 hospitals.

Some findings include:
  • Diabetologists in China treat on average 324 T2D patients a month.
  • Most commonly used 1st line therapy for T2D in China is biguanides.
  • Within the OADs, biguanides has the highest satisfaction rate.
  • Glucophage (metformin) has the highest usage rate.
  • Respondents believe the number of diabetes patients in China will increase 1.4 times in 10 years.
  • "Albiglutide" is the most recognized product within products not yet available in China
  • Bayer has the highest sales rep visitation rate.
  • Sales reps are not evaluated highly as an important information source relating to diabetes.

For more information, please contact:

SSRI (Tokyo):
Mr. Chao Xue
Tel: +81 03-3370-3474

SSRI China:
Ms. Jane Zhang
Tel: +86 411-3966-9060


November: EphMRA Asia

Hitoshi, Kio and Ryusuke attended the EphMRA Asia 2013 Meeting in Singapore. SSRI CHINA was a silver sponsor of the event.
Interestingly, Merlion was not feeling nauseous…

July: CphMRA
Jane, Kio and Ryusuke attend the 4th China Pharma Decision Science Summit and CphMRA 2013 Annual Meeting in Huangshan. SSRI CHINA was one of the sponsors of the event.

:Photo courtesy of CMRA

May: President and CEO of SSRI becomes chairman of JMRA

On May 28th, Mr. Takashi Makita, President and CEO of Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. (SSRI) became the new chairman of Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA). SSRI China is the regional office for SSRI, which is headquartered in Japan.


October: CMRA
Jane attends CMRA's (China Marketing Research Association) 3rd-Pharma Decision Science Summit in Suzhou.

:Photo courtesy of CMRA

September: EphMRA ASIA

L to R: Jane, Hitoshi, Kio and Ryusuke attends the annual EphMRA Asia conference in Beijing

June: EphMRA

Hitoshi, Ryusuke and Kio attends the annual EphMRA conference in Paris

June: SSRI China office officially opens
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