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December: SSRI China opens a viewing facility in Shanghai

In addition to our “es” interview rooms in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), we have newly opened a viewing facility in Shanghai. Our new facility, es Hua Ting Shanghai studio, is conveniently located inside the Hua Ting Hotel & Towers, which is a 5 star hotel located in a lively business and shopping area in the Xuhui district of Shanghai.

For more information, please see the es Shanghai page in our website;


March: Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Bayer are the top 3 companies for sales rep visitations

According to PatientsMap CN 2019 data which asks doctors about sales reps that have visited them in the past month for 64 pharmaceutical companies, approximately 1/3 of the 12,000 physicians in China have answered that they met a sales rep from Pfizer and AstraZeneca in the past month.  Below table shows the top 10 pharmaceutical companies with the highest sales rep visitation rates overall.

Compared to 2018 data, while the top 4 companies remain unchanged, we see more domestic pharma companies in the top 10 (2 companies in 2018 vs. 4 companies in 2019), and CTTQ pharmaceutical moved from 8th to 5th.  In particular for the oncology area, there are 5 domestic pharma companies in the top 10 sales rep visits, with the top being a domestic company Hengrui with 50.2% sales rep visitation rate. This may suggest that the domestic companies are starting to enhance their sales force activities.

The highest ranked Japanese companies were Eisai (25th with 7.2%), Takeda (27th with 5.3%) and Daiichi Sankyo (29th with 4.9%).


For more information about PatientsMap CN 2019, please see below:

March: Launch of PatientsMap China 2019

On March 3rd, 2020, SSRI and M3 launched the updated version of PatientsMap China


Introduction to PatientsMap:

PatientsMap is a database product which uncovers the types of diseases that various specialists see, and the monthly patient volume for each disease. The data is collected from around 40,000 physicians (from Japan, USA, UK and China) covering approximately 400 diseases/conditions.  PatientsMap data collection is conducted via online in collaboration with M3.

PatientsMap can also be used as a tool for estimating nationwide patient numbers for various diseases across, not only different specialties, but also by hospital tiers and city tiers. It can help you in analyzing the potential of a new drug and also for targeting the appropriate specialties in terms of market research and/or for promotional purposes.

PatientsMap China 2019 data was collected from over 12,000 physicians (approx. 20% increase from 2018 version), covering approximately 380 diseases/conditions.

Outline of PatientsMap 2019 China:

  1. Product name: PatientsMap 2019 China
  2. Objective: To understand the treatment condition of various specialties for 357 diseases/conditions
  3. Methodology: Online survey
  4. Survey region: Nationwide
  5. Sample size: 12,108 physicians from various departments
  6. Fieldwork schedule: 2019 September 6th – December 5th

Contents of PatientsMap:

  • > Total number of patients that they see (per month)
  • > Diseases/conditions that they see (386 disease types)
  • > Number of patients they see per each disease/condition
  • > Number of patients in which they prescribe medications for that disease/condition
  • > Diseases in which they wish for new product development
  • > Sales rep visitations in the past month (64 manufacturers)
  • > Information provision via non-face-to-face methods (64 manufacturers)
  • > Demographics
  •      - Primary specialty
  •      - Area of specialty/sub-specialties
  •      - Province and city of the practice
  •      - Hospital type and tier level
  •      - Number of beds at the hospital
  •      - Title
  •      - Age range

For more information on PatientsMap, please contact;

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