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June: Launch of PatientsMap China!!

On June 4th, 2018, SSRI and M3 launched PatientsMap 2018 China

Introduction to PatientsMap:

PatientsMap is a database product which uncovers the types of diseases that various specialists see, and the monthly patient volume for each disease. The data is collected from over 36,000 physicians (from Japan, USA, UK and China) covering approximately 400 diseases/conditions. PatientsMap data collection is conducted via online in collaboration with M3.

PatientsMap can also be used as a tool for estimating nationwide patient numbers for various diseases across, not only different specialties, but also by hospital size and regions. It can help you in analyzing the potential of a new drug and also for targeting the appropriate specialties in terms of market research and/or for promotional purposes.

PatientsMap China data is collected from over 10,000 physicians, covering approximately 350 diseases/conditions.

Outline of PatientsMap 2018 China:

  1. Product name:   PatientsMap 2018 China
  2. Objective: To understand the treatment condition of various specialties for 357 diseases/conditions
  3. Methodology: Online survey
  4. Survey region: Nationwide
  5. Sample size: 10,285 physicians from various departments
  6. Fieldwork period: 2018 January 3rd – March 6th

Contents of PatientsMap:

  • > Total number of patients that they see (per month)
  •     - Diseases/conditions that they see (357 disease types)
  •     - Number of patients they see per each disease/condition
  •     - Number of patients in which they prescribe medications for that disease/condition
  • > Diseases in which they wish for new product development
  • > Sales rep visitations in the past month (69 manufacturers)
  • > Demographics
  •     - Primary specialty
  •     - Area of specialty/sub-specialties
  •     - Region of hospital
  •     - Hospital type
  •     - Number of beds at the hospital
  •     - Title
  •     - Age range

For more information on PatientsMap, please contact;

Press release in English (PDF file): PatientsMap 2018 China - press release 0531 (ENG)

May: Intellus Worldwide Summit 2018

SSRI and SSRI CHINA staffs attended the Intellus Worldwide Summit in Philadelphia. This was the first annual conference for Intellus after PBIRG and PMRG became one.

February: West to East

On January 29th, our headquarters in Japan moved from the west side of Shinjuku to the east side of Shinjuku.

Their new address is:


NMF Shinjuku East Bldg. 2F, 10-5  Tomihisacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0067 JAPAN

TEL 81-3-6709-9575 / FAX 81-3-5361-7051


December: 2018 China holiday calendar

We've added the Chinese holiday calendar for 2018.

Just click on the "Holiday Calendar" above.

The major holiday seasons that will have impact on fieldwork timings are;

  •    - Chinese new year = February 15-21
  •    - Qing Ming Festival = April 5-7
  •    - Labour Day holidays = April 29- May 1
  •    - National day holidays = October 1-7

December: Launch of PatientsMap 2017 JP

Our Japan HQ has launched an updated version of PatientsMap Japan.

PatientsMap is a database product which uncovers the types of diseases that various specialists see, and the monthly number of those patients. The data is collected from over 20,000 physicians covering approximately 400 diseases/conditions, and is utilized by over 50 companies in Japan.

In addition to the new PatientsMap Japan 2017 data, US data (2016 with n=5,000) and UK data (2015 with n=1,000) are also available.

Details are here (in English!):  Launch of PatientsMap 2017 JP

Wish we had this database for China...

December: Twitter and LinkedIn

We've created a company account in Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will periodically (hopefully...) post news and updates from China / SSRI CHINA.

December: Healthcare in China report (JP only)

SSRI and SSRI CHINA has released an updated version of the "Healthcare in China report". It is available for download, for free. Unfortunately, the report is only available in Japanese....

But if you have any questions about the Chinese healthcare market, please do  not hesitate to contact us.

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