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April: AstraZeneca tops sales rep visits within many specialties in China (PatientsMap CN 2022)

Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. and M3, Inc. launched PatientsMap 2022CN (China 2022 version) on March 31, 2022.The data were obtained from a survey of member physicians on a portal site for medical professionals operated by, an M3 Group company, with 11,000 physicians responding online.

In the survey, physicians were asked whether they have received sales rep visits from manufacturers. The survey was conducted from the end of last year to the beginning of March of this year, and analysis was performed based on an understanding that the results were obtained during a near normal period of time, when the spread of COVID-19 was relatively under control.

The results showed that major Western companies ranked at the top in many specialties, in particular, with AstraZeneca having the highest rate of sales rep visits in many specialties. While in oncology, three of the top five companies were local Chinese companies.

March: Launch of PatientsMap China 2022

On March 31st, 2022, SSRI and M3 launched the updated version of PatientsMap China.


PatientsMap is a database product which uncovers the types of diseases that various specialists see, and the monthly patient volume for each disease. It also includes data for sales rep visitation rates of various pharmaceutical companies.
PatientsMap can be used as a tool for estimating nationwide patient numbers for various diseases across, not only different specialties, but also by hospital tiers and city tiers. It can help you in analyzing the potential of a new drug and also for targeting the appropriate specialties in terms of market research and/or for promotional purposes.

PatientsMap China 2022 data was collected from over 11,000 physicians, covering approximately 400 diseases/conditions. PatientsMap data collection is conducted via online in collaboration with M3.

Outline of PatientsMap 2022 China:
1. Product name: PatientsMap 2022 China
2. Objective: To understand the treatment condition of various specialties for 402 diseases/conditions
3. Methodology: Online survey
4. Survey region: Nationwide
5. Sample size: 11,106 physicians from various departments
6. Fieldwork schedule: 2021 December – 2022 March

For more information on PatientsMap, please contact;


December: SSRI China at CphMRA annual conference

The 10th China Pharmaceutical Decision Science Summit and CphMRA 2021 Annual Conference hosted by the CMRA (China Market Research Association) was held from November 22 to 24, 2021 in Hangzhou. The theme of the conference was: Data assists transformation, and wisely enlightens the future. Over 200 guests and representatives from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and market research industries attended the meeting online and onsite.

Jane Zhang, vice president of SSRI China was one of the online speakers, and did a presentation on how COVID-19 had impact on the clinical environment in Japan and in the US based on a large scale physician survey data (PatientsMap), and how the impact may be similar in China. Within the many presentations during the 3 day conference period, Jane was awarded with a 3rd best presentation award.

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