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Mar 12th, 2020  -  Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.

PatientsMap China: released the second version with expanded number of doctors to 12,000

“PatientsMap 2019 China” announces Top 10 Companies for Visitation rate of Sales Rep

Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Bayer remain top 3
“CTTQ” rises to 5th place, Chinese companies break into the top 10 with 4 companies
Eisai ranked 25th as a top in Japanese companies


March 12th 2020

Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.


Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. (hereafter, SSRI) and M3 Co., Ltd. (hereafter, M3) launched PatientsMap 2019CN (2019 China version) on March 3, 2020. This is the second launch in China following 2018.

This survey was conducted from September to December 2019, thus the information and results in this release were collected before being affected by the disruption of medical sites due to the COVID-19.

PatientsMap is a database that is being conducted in the US, Japan, UK, and China, This database uncovers the number of patients, the number of patients seen and medically treated over 400 diseases, new drug needs, Sales Rep visitation rate, and other aspects with the cooperation of over 37,000 physicians. And this is the 10th year of this database since the 1st launch.

<Summary for Sales Rep visitation rate>

PatientsMap2019CN increased the sample size by 20% from the previous 10,285 samples to 12,108 samples with the cooperation of, a portal site for healthcare professionals operated by Chinese affiliate of This time, sampling was conducted in consideration of each medical department and Tier systems in China (Tier 1 city, Tier 1.5 & 2nd city, Tier 3 city and below).

Leading global companies occupied the top four in Sales Rep visitation rate, but Chinese companies such as "CTTQ" came in the fifth place

In the PatientsMap2019CN, we asked doctors about pharmaceutical companies who had Sales Rep visits over the past one month. 64 companies were presented in the survey and the following shows the top 10 companies which their Sales Rep visitation was recognized by the respondent doctors. The top four were dominated by major European and American companies, but Chinese companies were ranked in fifth, eighth, ninth and tenth this time. (Table1)

Table 1. Top 10 companies ranking in Sales Rep visit recognition based on PatientsMap2019CN(n=12,108)

Company nameN=
2Astra Zeneca3,94832.6
5CHIA TAI TIANQING (CTTQ) Pharmaceutical2,33219.3
8Yangtze River Pharmaceutical (Group)2,20218.2
9Qilu Pharmaceutical1,94816.1
10Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Distribution1,77214.6


“PatientsMap 2019CN” – Outline-

The respondents of this study was randomly selected per specialty/department from members of, administrated by Chinese affiliate of and is a portal site for healthcare professionals with 2,850,000 online members,.

Studied medical conditions:           386 conditions

Sample source:             online physician panel

Sample:                            Chief Doctor, deputy chief doctor, attending doctor of hospitals and clinics

Methodology:                        Online survey

Sample size:                         Total of 12,108 physicians

Fieldwork schedule:                  6th September 2019~5th December 2019

Contents of the survey:              Medical conditions that they treat, number of patients they see per medical condition (over the past 1 month), number of patients in which they administer medicine to (over the past 1 month), medical conditions in which they wish for new products, Sales rep visitation status (over the past 1 month), Demographic information (age, geography, facility type, number of beds, position, specialty)


 This service is provided jointly by Social Survey Research Co., Ltd., M3, Inc. and M3 Global Research.


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