Introduction to PatientsMap:

"PatientsMap" is a database which uncovers the number of patients treated by little over 20,000 physicians in 401 disease conditions. This study was conducted via online in collaboration with M3, the largest portal site for healthcare professionals in Japan with approximate 250,000 online physician members.
"PatientsMap" can be used as a tool for estimating patient numbers for various diseases across, not only different specialties, but also by hospital size and regions. It can help you in analyzing the potential of a new drug and also with targeting the appropriate specialties in terms of market research and/or for promotional purposes.


Outline of PatientsMap:

  1. Project name: PatientsMap2017
  2. Objective: To understand the treatment condition of various specialties for 401 disease types
  3. Methodology: Online survey
  4. Survey region: Nationwide
  5. Sample size: Total of 20,135 physicians (see breakdown below).
  6. Fieldwork schedule: 19 April 2017 - 6 August 2017

Disease types:

Disease area  # of diseaseDisease area  # of disease
■Gastroenterological diseases27■Cancer/ Cancer pain49
■ Cardiovascular diseases18■Musculoskeletal diseases11
■Endocrine diseases18■Gynecological diseases5
■Hematological diseases9■Urological diseases31
■Respiratory diseases/ Infectious diseases12■Ophthalmic diseases12
■Cranial nerve diseases31■ENT diseases10
■Psychiatric diseases24■Dermatological diseases34
■Rare diseases91

Study samples:

Facility type*
Subtotal (n)HPOffice
Internal medicine326313281935
Psychosomatic medicine823448
Gastrointestinal medicine1212927285
Cardiovascular medicine1168934234
Diabetes/Internal secretion department570448122
Pediatrics/Pediatrics surgery1345972373
Blood medicine2772698
Mammary gland surgery14412519
Orthopedic surgery15191083436
Plastic surgery16711651
Cranial nerves surgery66357489
Gastrointestinal surgery61656155
Respiratory surgery2292254
Cardiovascular surgery2402337
Obstetrics and gynecology727440287
Pain clinic683929
First aid/ICU27926613
Kidney medicine/dialysis431306125
Palliative care department665511
Dental surgery17134
Proctology/Proctology surgery23518

*Office = 0-99 beds / Hospital = 100+ beds


Contents of PatientsMap:

  • Total number of patients seen in last month
    • Disease types that they saw (401 disease types)
    • Number of patients they saw per each disease (401 disease types)
    • Diseases that they wish for new medicines/non-drug therapy (eg. Operation, equipment, etc) to be developed
  • Sales rep visitations in past months (61 manufacturers)
  • Reliable pharmaceutical company
  • Background
    • Department in which they practice (primary specialty)
    • Area of specialty/sub-specialties
    • Region of hospital
    • Hospital size (bed size)

Characteristics of PatientsMap Japan 2017 version

Able to understand the e-detailing (provision of information via internet) situation

Manufacturers' e-detailing data is a new item in the PatientsMap 2017 version. Since PatientsMap is a database with over 20,000 physicians, it allows you to understand which manufacturers have high e-detailing rates from various aspects, such as specialty and regions.

Able to understand the physicians' level of trust (confidence) in various manufacturers

  • In the 2016 version, PatientsMap added a question (data) on the "level of trust (confidence) in pharmaceutical manufacturers". This question is also asked in the 2017 version.

Uncovers the number of patients who were prescribed drugs

  • In addition to the "number of patients seen", from 2015 version, PatientsMap added a question (data) on the "number of patients who were prescribed drugs". This question is also asked in the 2017 version.