Drug Usage Trend study

Oral chronic pain drugs

Of the 10 branded drugs in chronic pain treatment, Loxonin had the highest usage rate at 89%, followed by Lyrica (80%) and Celecox (65%). For the rate of product awareness, the top 2 drugs were the same drugs from the result of usage rate above, however Voltaren had high awareness rate and ranked as the third. (See graph below). The 4 main products were expected to increase their usage rate in the future; the most expected drug was Tramcet, and followed by Lyrica. Also, 20% of the respondents have plans to start using a new product within the next six months.

  • Target samples: N=497 with internal medicine doctors, rheumatology/ connective tissue disease specialists, general surgeons and orthopedic surgeons
  • Study period: May ~ June 2014
  • Studied products: Voltaren, Loxonin, Osteluc, Hypen, Lorcam, Mobic, Celecox, Tramal, Tramcet, Lyrica
  • Studied items: average monthly number of patients and prescriptions, product awareness and usage rates, product satisfaction, the reasons for use, future usage expectations (short-term), intentions of switching, rate of not switching to generic products, and reasons for adopting new products
  • SSRI Drug Usage Trend study is a physician study that started in 1984, which focuses on products in various therapeutic areas