Drug Usage Trend study

NSAIDs (patch/tape)

Of the 15 branded NSAIDs (patch/tape), Mohrus tape had the highest usage rate at 72%, followed by Loxonin tape (65%) and Voltaren gel (39%). For the rate of product awareness, Loxonin had the highest, and the second was Mohrus tape (See graph below).
As for future usage rate of main products that the respondents expect to increase,
Voltaren tape and Loxonin tape were mentioned as the highest. Also, 20% of the respondents have plans to start using a new product within the next six months.

  • Target samples: N=496 with internal medicine doctors, rheumatology/ connective tissue disease specialists, general surgeons and orthopedic surgeons
  • Study period: May ~ June 2014
  • Studied products: Mohrus pap, Miltax pap, Adofeed pap, Seltouch pap, Mohrus tape, Voltaren tape, Loxonin pap, Loxonin tape, Seltouch tape, Catlep tape, Voltaren gel, Napageln cream, Idomethine Kowa gel, Loxonin gel
  • Studied items: average monthly number of patients and prescriptions, product awareness and usage rates, product satisfaction, the reasons for use, future usage expectations (short-term), intentions of switching, rate of not switching to generic products, and reasons for adopting new products
  • SSRI Drug Usage Trend study is a physician study that started in 1984, which focuses on products in various therapeutic areas