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Market Potential with new product needs in USA

July 24th 2017

Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd.


Market Potential with new product needs in USA:

"Obesity" ranked first, followed by "Seasonal allergic rhinitis/hay fever” and “Diabetes”

SSRI presented a poster for the annual general conference of US international healthcare market research organization.



Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd, M3, Inc. and M3 Global Research presented a poster which revealed “Market Potential” with new drug by examining “unmet medical needs” and “projected patient population” based on an independent survey called “PatientsMap2016US” at the annual general meeting for an international pharmaceutical marketing research committee (PBIRG).


“PatientsMap2016US” which used for this analysis is a database product and it uncovers the number of patients treated by 5,000 US physicians in 400+ disease conditions. The study was conducted from end of February 2016 to end of July 2016.


“PatientsMap” was launched in Japan in 2009, and the database provide various aspects; such as treatment rate, the number of patients in 400+ disease conditions, sales rep visitations, and unmet medical needs.

For this poster, the 2016US data was utilized for analyzing the market potential for new therapy in the US (“need new therapy” x “projected patient population”).


According to the analysis, “obesity” ranked first in market potential for new therapy with 5400.6 market potential index (“Need new therapies index” 67.5 x “Projected patient population index” 80.1) among covered 100 disease conditions (Projected patient population in top 100 diseases). Followed by "Seasonal allergic rhinitis/hay fever” with 4842.3 (“Need new therapies index” 45.4 x “Projected patient population index” 106.6), and “Diabetes” (“Need new therapies index” 49.5 x “Projected patient population index” 81.1)


■Ranking of the market potential for new therapies (top 20)
RankingDisease areas“Need new therapies” index“Projected patient population” indexMarket Potential index
2Seasonal allergic rhinitis/ hay fever (in the last year)45.4106.64,842.3
7Type II diabetes48.675.83,684.9
9Alzheimer's disease77.945.63,553.9
10Dyslipidemia (Hyperlipidemia)48.772.53,530.3
12Low back pain53.362.73,340.4
15Drug dependence68.846.53,202.1
16Neuropathic pain66.847.83,190.7
17Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)71.144.73,181.7
18Bipolar disorder64.047.73,050.2
20Alcohol dependence66.445.93,045.4


The analysis was based on cross tabulations upon indexation of “Need new therapies (rate of new drug needs from physicians)” and “Projected patient population” of top 100 diseases, by using a standard score (with a mean score of 50 and standard deviation of 10).


SSRI has presented this analysis result for poster session at PBIRG2017 Annual General meeting in Chicago, US in May 21 to 24th 2017, and the poster was awarded as the third prize.


To view the poster, please refer the URL below;





“PatientsMap 2016 US” – Outline-


Studied medical conditions: 405 x general medical conditions

Sample source: M3 Global Research online physician panel

Sample department: All departments in hospitals and clinics

Methodology: Online survey

Sample size: Total of 5,034 physicians

Fieldwork schedule: 27th February 2016~20th July 2016

Contents of the survey: Medical conditions that they treat

Number of patients they see per medical condition

Number of patients in which they administer medicine to (added from 2016 version)

Medical conditions in which they wish for new products

Sales rep visitation status


This service is provided jointly by Social Survey Research Co., Ltd., M3, Inc. and M3 Global Research.


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