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Patients Map

Introduction to PatientsMap

“PatientsMap” is a database which uncovers the number of patients treated by little over 20,000 physicians in 401
disease conditions. This study was conducted via online in collaboration with M3, the largest portal site for
healthcare professionals in Japan with approximate 250,000 online physician members.

“PatientsMap” can be used as a tool for estimating patient numbers for various diseases across, not only different
specialties, but also by hospital size and regions. It can help you in analyzing the potential of a new drug and
also with targeting the appropriate specialties in terms of market research and/or for promotional purposes.

Outline of PatientsMap

Product name: PatientsMap2019
Objective :
To understand the treatment condition of various specialties for 401 disease types
Methodology :
Online survey
Survey region :
Sample size :
Total of 20,287 physicians.
Fieldwork schedule :
14 April 2019 - 27 August 2019

Disease List







Contents of PatientsMap

  • # of pts seen (over the past 1 month)
  • # of pts prescribed medicine to (over the past 1 month)
  • Diseases physicians wish new medicine
  • Conditions physicians wish a new treatment other than new drugs (such as regenerative medicine, iPS cell CART
    therapy, etc.)
  • Sales rep visits/month, e-detailing activities/month, Reliable Companies (over the past 1 month)
  • Info about primary practice (Geography, # of beds, Facility type)

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