Fieldwork Services

Fieldwork services (for Global MR agencies)

Fieldwork services for international market research agencies

International market research operations team coves 2 areas:

  • Healthcare/pharmaceutical (interviews with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients)
  • General health/OTC (interviews with pre-patients, general public etc.)

This team consists of bilingual staffs that have been providing local fieldwork services and analysis for over 20
years to international market research agencies, especially in the area of healthcare.

With our extensive knowledge of the Japanese market, we are able to recommend the most appropriate research design
(methodology, sample structure etc.) to fulfill your project needs for Japan.

Experience in Healthcare market research

Healthcare/pharmaceutical market research is the core business for international market research operations. In the
past 3 years (April 2005 - March 2007), our team have conducted over 200 healthcare related projects (approximately
10,000 physician interviews) in Japan for global market research companies.


Our team has experience in various methodologies. In the past 3 years, little over half of the projects conducted
were qualitative (IDIs and groups) and the other half was quantitative (face-to-face, online, telephone etc.).

Disease area:

Our team also has extensive experience in conducting studies in various disease areas. In the past 3 years, almost
1/3 of the projects were oncology related.

Patient research:

Although patient research is still difficult in Japan due to the “closed culture” of Japan, we have conducted over 25
researches in the past 3 years involving patients. While we have experiences in various patient types, in general,
sensitive diseases (such as CNS related, urology related etc.) and serious diseases (such as cancer) are difficult
to conduct.

General Health/OTC

With our extensive experience in healthcare/pharmaceutical market research, we are also your reliable partner in
studies relating to “general health”. “General health” studies involve the general public and/or “pre-patients”, and
the study topics could be anything relating to health, such as diet/life style, disease awareness, OTC products, Rx
drugs, contact lenses etc.

In the past, we have conducted studies such as:

  • Disease awareness within general consumers
  • Prevalence of particular diseases within general consumer
  • Usage and evaluation of OTC/quasi drugs
  • Evaluation of new contact lenses
  • Evaluation of drug formulation (tablet size, shape, color etc.)
  • Corporate image study
  • Oral care and evaluation of oral care products
  • Usage and evaluation of supplements (such as vitamins)
  • Health consciousness study /diet and life style study
  • Smoking habits
  • Usage and evaluation of health foods/drinks
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