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Full service healthcare market research for pharmaceutical companies

For more than 30 years, SSRI has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare marketing research in Japan. SSRI has also been a pioneer in global marketing research through business alliances with international healthcare research agencies since the late 1980s.

Our up-to-date knowledge of global healthcare research and networks in the healthcare research industry are our key assets for our business intelligence activities in Japan and around the globe.

Communicating and Partnering

input from SSRI and Client

Consulting Services

  • Marketing issue
  • Product Development issue
  • Corporate Strategy issue
  • Consultations to bring out Information Needs
  • Recommendations based on Research Outcome

Appropriate choice based on practical experience

  • Research Areas
  • Medical Care Facilities
  • Respondentse

Global Business Partners

SSRI is a full-service professional marketing research organization specializing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We take on your time and energy for coordinating and communicating with local research agencies based on your marketing strategy.
On analysing and interpreting research findings, our optimal use of knowledge and experience of local research agencies enables us to reflect the local environmental issues and backgrounds in the report.

Strategic Marketing Research through the Product Lifecycle

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