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Analysis of the prevalence of digital therapeutics (DTx) among physicians and the expectations they have
--PatientsMap 2023 Japan version—

Expectations for the future are high among 90% of the physicians who have introduced DTx, though DTx is still in its early stages.
HPs tend to have higher expectations.

Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd. and M3 Inc., who developed and released "PatientsMap," the patient-number database created via physician surveys, announced the results of their analysis regarding the prevalence of digital therapeutics (DTx) among physicians and their expectations using data from the Japan version of PatientsMap 2023.

Based on the results of this survey, it was shown that only 1.8% of physicians have introduced DTx in their practice and that DTx is just in its beginning stages. However, as 90% of the physicians who have introduced DTx had high expectations, attention should be paid to how things go in the future. In addition, the results show that HPs tend to have higher expectations for DTx.

Background of analysis
DTx is a therapeutic method, also called digital therapy or digital treatment, to treat diseases and manage health using digital technology under physicians' care, in addition to the conventional treatment approaches with medical products and devices.
In Japan, applications to manage smoking, hypertension, and sleep disorders have been approved and are covered by insurance (as of December 2023). While they are attracting attention as a new treatment approach that has been added to the pharmaceutical market, several issues have been raised regarding their popularization.
In this survey, our goal is to determine the current status of DTx that is attracting attention as a nonpharmaceutical treatment technology, based on physicians' awareness and current use of it as well as how much they are expecting from it by analyzing the PatientsMap data for responses about it in clinical settings.
Results of analysis
[DTx awareness and introduction]
It was found that only 3.9% of all physicians have introduced DTx and only 1.8% of them are currently using it.
In addition, it was shown that 34.1% of physicians are aware of DTx but have not introduced it, whereas 62.0% are unaware of it.
DTx awareness and introduction
[Expectations for DTx]
In terms of expectations, the results showed that the percentages of the physicians who have high expectations for DTx, of those who cannot say, and of those who have no expectations were 37.5%, 46.5%, and 16.1%, respectively.
Moreover, with regard to the expectations by awareness/introduction of DTx, it was shown that 90.8% of the physicians who are currently using DTx have expectations for it.
Expectations for DTx
In addition, when searching for the segments for those who have expectations for DTx, HPs with a larger number of beds have higher expectations than GPs.
Searching for segments with high expectations for DTx
Based on the above results, while DTx is currently being used on a limited basis, it is being recognized by physicians who have not introduced it and it is expected to attract more attention from now on.
In addition, it is indicated that the physicians who are currently using DTx have high expectations for it, and physicians who have experience with DTx are likely to have a positive view of its effect and potential benefits.
It is expected that DTx will contribute to health maintenance and better quality treatment, while in the future it is expected to be newly indicated for other diseases and have better functions, which will lead to more specific assessments of its efficacy and safety.

What is PatientsMap?
PatientsMap is a large database that surveys, with the cooperation of physicians, about 400 diseases in terms of physician coverage, number of patients, unmet medical needs (diseases for which new drugs are desired, reasons for wanting new drugs, and percentage of patients for whom administering new drugs would be considered), and the activities of real sales reps (in-person) and e-detailing activities of pharmaceutical companies. The same survey frame has been used continuously for more than 10 years since 2010.

Overview of PatientsMap 2023 Japan Version (2023JP)

A survey was conducted of m3 panel physicians.

Target respondents: : M3-registered physicians
Method : Online survey
Fieldwork period : April 12 to August 29, 2023
Sample size collected : 20,207 sample
Number of conditions surveyed : 432 diseases
Survey item: : Total number of patients (in the past month)
Number of patients seen by condition (in the past month)
Number of patients who were prescribed drugs by condition (in the past month)
Need for new therapy
Percentage of patients for whom administering new drugs would be considered
Awareness and adoption of digital therapeutics
Expectations for digital therapeutics
Diseases for which you have high expectations for treatment and management with digital therapeutics
Manufacturer that have sales reps visited (in the past month)
Manufacturer interviewed remotely by sales reps. (in the past month)
Companies that provided information online (in the past month)
Reliable companies Information sources that are important to you

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